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What Is the Best Snow Tire for Used Cars Guelph?

What Is the Best Snow Tire for Used Cars Guelph?

Buying a used car is a great way to save money and get a higher-quality car at a lower rate. However, it's never a good idea to skimp on the winter tires, even though you may have bought an older vehicle. For safety and performance, getting good snow tires is essential.

Modern car with winter tires on snowy road


Always check the condition of tires when you are buying a used car. If your older vehicle has worn tires, be sure to replace them with new ones that have adequate tread depth for safe driving, just as you would, over time, with any car. In many cases, though, you will still need to look for snow tires separately for your vehicle. 

If you buy your used car from a reliable dealership, you can get guidance on the best tires for your specific vehicle, and may be able to purchase your tires conveniently and directly from them, at good prices.

Types of Tires

When you are looking for your new winter tires, be aware of the difference between all season tires and full winter tires. Getting winter snow tires is strongly recommended, as these are better suited for harsh Guelph winters.

All-season tires are designed to be suitable for a range of weather conditions, including light snow and rain, but are not designed to cope with heavy snow and ice. They have a tread pattern optimized for a balance of traction and longevity. However, in much lower temperatures with lots of snow and ice, such as you would find in Guelph, all-season tires start to lose their effectiveness as temperatures plummet, and winter tires become necessary.

Full winter tires are engineered specifically for extreme cold and snowy conditions. They have a softer rubber compound that remains pliable in lower temperatures, so they have a better grip on ice. The deep tread patterns use sipes, or the thin slits you can see, and biting edges to enhance traction and channel away slush and snow. These tires significantly improve handling, braking, and cornering in the harshest of winter conditions, making them a worthwhile investment for Guelph winters. You can look for the peaked mountain with snowflake symbol, which indicates a tire is rated for snow and ice.

Also, be aware that studded snow tires aren't allowed in Guelph and southern Ontario.

Markings on the sidewall of a new winter tire, speed, load, rotation, mud and snow designations

What to Look for in Snow Tires

There is a range of winter tires and manufacturers; to look for the best winter tires for your vehicle, you will need to ensure that the snow tires you choose are the correct size. You can check your vehicle's manual or consult a tire and wheel services professional to find the right size and type, so you don't compromise performance and safety. However, within the options of suitable tires that will fit your car, there are other things to look for.

Tread Design

Look for tires with deep and aggressive tread patterns. A deeper tread provides better traction in snow and slush. Consider tires with more sipes for better grip on icy surfaces.

Icicles on a car with winter tires and good pattern in snow, safety driving

Rubber Compound

High-quality snow tires use special rubber compounds that remain pliable in cold temperatures, providing better grip. Look for the snowflake symbol, which indicates it is rated for winter conditions.

Brand and Quality

Stick with reputable tire brands known for their winter tire expertise, such as Michelin, Bridgestone, or Goodyear, or consult with your car services professional for other recommendations. Compromising on quality for a lower price can mean you have to replace the tires sooner.

Manufacturer's Performance Rating

Consider the tire's performance ratings; manufacturers often provide these ratings to help you choose the right tire for your specific needs.


Safety is a priority; consider your budget, but remember that high-quality snow tires are a worthwhile investment. Snow tires do vary in price, but a trusted services team can guide you on a good tire that fits into your budget while providing the safety you need.

Customer Reviews

Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can provide valuable insights into a particular tire's performance. However, getting an expert opinion often provides a more reliable and accurate view of the quality of a tire you are considering.


Check the manufacturer's warranty for the tires. A good warranty can give you peace of mind in case of any defects or issues, and is a good indicator of the quality. A longer warranty can indicate a longer expected lifespan.

Specific Performance Needs

Your choice of tires can also depend on your driving preferences. Some drivers prefer high-performance tires for better handling and grip, while others may prioritize comfort and fuel efficiency. Your choice should align with your driving style and priorities. Again, a trusted services team member can guide you.

Inside a garage - changing wheels/tires (shallow DOF; color toned image)


All tires require regular maintenance, including proper inflation, rotation, and alignment. Regularly check your tire pressure and tread wear. Many tires have markings to help you gauge when there is not enough tread left and they need to be replaced.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your tires and improve safety and performance, so it's well worth taking the time. Even the best winter tire will prematurely wear and become damaged if not cared for properly.

Tire and Wheel Services

At Marden Motors, we offer dependable tire services and tire sales, in addition to selling pre-owned vehicles. We take your safety seriously, so we only offer high quality tires. Our service team can guide you on the best winter tire choices for your vehicle, making it easy for you. We'll also take time to explain everything, and answer all of your questions, so you can be confident in your choices.

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