Welcome to Marden Motors

Marden Motors in Guelph has been a family owned and operated business since 1979. Personal honesty and integrity is the foundation of our success. A key reason why our company is so successful is that we've realized that we're not just in the car business. We are in the business of building and maintaining relationships. That's why we have an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards. Each day we treat people fairly. We meet their needs. We earn their trust. There is no room for anything less then the highest standards for honesty and integrity.

At Marden Motors we offer a complete automotive repair shop with fully licensed mechanics. We can do the simplest maintenance such as an oil changes right up to the most difficult mechanical repairs. At Marden Motors we only replace what is needed and we take the time to show you what we are doing and why.

Customer service is our way of life. Customers seek us out and stay with us because we truly believe in, and deliver, courteous, personalized service. A sharp, consistent focus on customer service is absolutely fundamental in everything we do. We live by the philosophy that we treat everyone as if they were family. We provide you with warm hospitality in a very comfortable relaxed environment. This is why we would rather educate you in making an excellent decision rather then pressuring you. If you need additional research before making your purchase or simply just need more time, we understand.

Great things happen when we listen to our customers and to each other. Marden Motors is a company that succeeds by doing fairly simple things, very consistently and very well. One of those simple things is that we listen. We've found that when we listen carefully we discover opportunities to grow our business and be more effective.

Marden Motors is an independent used car dealer and repair center and is not an authorized Subaru dealer or repair facility or affiliated with Subaru in any way.

You can find our location by clicking on Dealership Directions for step by step driving instructions to our site.