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5 vehicles recommendations for new drivers

5 vehicles recommendations for new drivers

New to Driving? Consider One of These 5 Vehicles

Not all vehicles can be driven with the same level of skill or ease as each other. Larger options and trucks are generally less suited cars for beginners to start driving, especially when learning. In this article, we’ll explore five of the best options for your first purchase and for learning the way of the road.



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Five Ideal Vehicles for New Drivers


Here are the comparisons of five of the most ideal vehicles for new drivers.


2011 Toyota Matrix


With a wagon body style, the Toyota Matrix has a smaller size which makes it ideal for parking and navigating the road for new drivers. The model comes as a four-speed automatic, making it easier for learners and novices to drive than a manual transmission. Safety features include Braking Assist and Smart Stop Technology to help ensure you avoid collisions.



2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI


A hatchback with several features suitable for new drivers, the Golf GTI is an ideal choice for learners and beginners. It’s a six-speed manual with forward-wheel drive, requiring a bit more focus on the transmission than an automatic. 


2008 Toyota Corolla 


A smaller-sized sedan, the Corolla is suited to novice drivers thanks to its anti-lock brakes and anti-theft system. A four-speed automatic, the car has a smooth transmission that compliments its 1.8L engine. However, older models feature fewer safety features than those from recent years.



2011 Honda CR-V


As an SUV, the CR-V isn’t recommended to complete newcomers to driving but can be managed by those beginning to get comfortable at the wheel. As a five-speed automatic, the vehicle drives easily thanks to its 2.4L engine. Vehicle Stability Assist and a 4-wheel anti-lock braking system help keep drivers safe.


2015 Honda Fit


As a hatchback, the Fit comes with a CVT, making it easy to drive after a small learning curve. The vehicle comes with dual-stage driver and passenger front and seat-mounted side airbags.




Why Buy Pre-Owned?


It’s a popular school of thought that says that one’s first vehicle shouldn’t be new. In many situations, it's a sound idea, as buying a new car for a novice driver can have many downfalls. 

New drivers are more likely to make hiccups while on the road, accidentally damaging the car or riding over potholes. Aside from this, the cost is another big reason to look at pre-owned for your first car. The vehicle is more likely to be within your budget and can often feel like a safer investment while you’re young, as a higher cost will set you back more.


Take Your Time


Deciding on your first car can be exhausting as it’s often a big decision. Picking a vehicle you feel comfortable in is one of the most crucial steps when picking out cars for beginners. Do your research, compare options, and look at the power and safety aspects of each car you’re considering.


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